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Goals for my twenty-third year on Earth

I try to approach my birthdays with a certain level of personal awareness. For example, I was apparently very personally aware of how many cupcakes I ate on my birthday (refer to my first kinja post). Here’s a list of a few things I hope to accomplish during the 365 days that I am 23:

  1. Get better at yoga. I’m keeping the standard for success here very low. If I could slightly reduce the embarrassment I feel every time I attempt some of the more basic yoga contortions (anything pose with a name involving birds seems particularly impossible for me), I would be very pleased.
  2. Do a grouper. This one is already in the works, and I am forcing my friend to sign us up because she has the hottest mutual facebook friends. I came to this conclusion after doing serious comparative research (which many would have referred to as blatant stalking).
  3. Find “hidden gems,” or at least get my act together enough to visit the restaurants, boutiques, etc. that other people have discovered and would classify as “hidden gems.”
  4. Write at least 5 handwritten letters. Thank you notes don’t count. These would be most appreciated by a grandmother.
  5. Cook actual recipes rather than throwing chicken sausage and rice into a skillet and hoping for the best. This often ends with me putting soy sauce on things that simply do not taste good with soy sauce (or would at least taste better with another type of sauce). This is not a requirement for all meals, but throwing a legitimate, organized recipe into the mix now and then would make my personal dining experiences a lot more enjoyable.
  6. Go to Central Park more. I know that it is a bit of a trek from Chelsea - well actually it’s not that far at all - but it would be totally worth it to see a few more trees and perhaps a shrub or two when the weather gets nicer.
  7. Wash my sheets more often than I do now. I won’t specify an amount that would qualify as successful here because that might get embarrassing.
  8. Read a book at night if there’s nothing good on TV. My standard of “good TV” is relatively low, but I often find myself watching things that I can consciously admit to myself are not enjoyable. When this happens, a book seems like an emotionally healthy alternative.
  9. Get a shorter haircut. Eek!
  10. Get better at walking in heels. I am relatively short, and I feel like this is a life skill that I should be better at. Sorry feet!

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